Success Stories

Story 1



A client was working part-time, and living with her partner in Housing Association accommodation. She sought help from Citizens Advice Chiltern when she realised that she could not manage her debts, which included council tax arrears, benefit overpayments and credit card debts. Her health was being badly affected by her anxiety about her debts.

How Citizens Advice Chiltern helped… 


The adviser gave the client full specialist money advice, and helped her to successfully apply for a debt relief order.

The result… 


The client is now in a position to manage her finances independently.

Story 2



A client sought help from Citizens Advice Chiltern when the breakdown of his marriage left him homeless and in debt. At the time he was staying with friends, following hospitalisation after a nervous breakdown which was caused by the stress of his situation.

How Citizens Advice Chiltern helped…


The adviser helped him to apply for housing association accommodation, enlisting the aid of his GP to support his application.

The result… 


Following a successful accommodation application, the client continued to receive support from Citizens Advice Chiltern who assisted him with debt management, benefit applications, and getting second hand furniture for his new accommodation.

Story 3



A client attended an appointment with an adviser in connection with a will writing company which had visited her at home when she requested help making a will. The client owned her own home, and wanted a simple will leaving her home to her only adult child. The client paid £100 for the will writing service, and an extra £500 for another service which the company said she would benefit from – registering her house with the land registry because she was told that her home was not on the register as it was purchased in the 1970s.

The client had a receipt for the money she paid to the company, but not a copy of the contract, or a copy of her will. She was very upset as she felt confused about what was happening, and was not sure whether she should have spent the extra money.

How Citizens Advice Chiltern helped… 


The adviser telephoned the Land Registry, which confirmed that the client did not have to register her property as deeds in her possession would provide proof of ownership. After her death, however, her daughter would need to register the house if it was to be sold, and this could be done for less than the £500 quoted.

The client decided that she did not wish to pursue the matter of registering her house with the land registry as she was on a limited income. The adviser telephoned the will writing company, and wrote letters on the client’s behalf.

The result… 


The client eventually received a cheque for £450 from the company (they deducted £50 for an administration charge as the client had signed a contract). The client was very happy with the help she received.

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