Our Aim

This site aims to make the information contained within its pages accessible to all users, by the use of clear navigation, both graphical and textual.

Web Standards

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for text and layout.

Links and new windows

The exceptions are those linked to a pdf document*, and those leading to external sites. There may be one or two other links for which a new window opens.

You can, of course, choose to open links in a new tab or window. In Internet Explorer it is done by right clicking the link, which brings up a menu with the ‘open’ options at the top.

*If you do not already have the Adobe pdf reader installed on your computer you can obtain it free, from Adobe.

Text resizing/formatting

Internet Explorer 7 gives you the opportunity to zoom in or out. One click on the 100% sign at bottom right hand corner of the browser window takes you to 125%, a second click to 150% and a third back to 100%. Alternatively, you can set the size to whatever you want by using the arrow.

Earlier versions of IE have a text resizing feature (go to ‘View’ on the browser menu and choose ‘Text Size’). Other browsers, such as all current versions of Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, also have similar capabilities.

Different browsers

Content should be fully accessible to older browsers but presentation is optimised for newer browsers that support web standards, such as style sheets (see above).

If your browser does not properly support style sheets we would suggest that you update to the latest version. There is no cost associated with this, unless you are using specialised access software.

Although we are not in a position to recommend it generally, if you have disability issues such as partial vision, you may find the Opera browser useful, in that you can easily adapt the view to meet your own needs.


If you have particular difficulty with anything on this site please feel free to report it via our Email form. Positive feedback is also welcomed.

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